Anti-Spyware on the desktop

Apart from an anti-virus package, every home user should have access to an anti-spyware solution. Fact is, if you surf scruffy sites, download “free games” or click on a You’ve Won!” banners while surfing you run the risk of giving malware a gap to plunge your system into a dark pit of low resources or even data loss. A problem arises when you discover that there are so many different programmes; furthermore, programmes claiming to illiminate spyware actually opens the door even further.

In our experience here at IT-Pro, most problems are solved easily with the right tools. There really are quite alot of great packages available – some are free and others not. Keeping the budget in mind, examples of free solutions are Spybot Search & Destroy and Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware. The latter also has commercial packages available. Another free option that works great is PC Tools’ Spyware Doctor which is availible as a free download and part of Google Pack.

Using these utilities are quite easy. Remember that they perform best when updated. You are welcome to tell us about your favorite.

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