NOD32 vs the rest

Recently we received a query about NOD32 antivirus software for Windows. The question led us to read a few reviews on the ‘net and so we compiled a few sources. This post is meant to give perspective on what major antivirus software is out there and how they stack up against each other. Contributions are welcome.

First off we found a white paper describing tests done by Colby Sawyer College in November 2004. It gives an insight into the history of certain antivirus software. Therein is a conclusion that at that stage NOD32 was recommended for the academic sector. Further searching led to with a more up to date on-demand comparative report and retrospective/proactive test report.

It looks like Kaspersky and NOD32 came out tops in the last test with NOD32 having no false positives.

There are quite few factors to keep in mind when selecting the right antivirus software for you. It basically depends on what you are willing to compromise, be it scanning performance, memory footprint or price.

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